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Apply to: Cotton, cotton blends, bamboo fabric, linen, satin, leather, denim, burlap/hessian, polyester, canvas, and more. If the item can be ironed, the transfer should work. 

Care Instructions: 
Wash garments on gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Included with order:
- Full detailed application instructions
- Test transfer
- Heat proof cover paper for ironing 

Iron-on transfers are permanent and not easily removable. It is possible to remove them if an error has been made, however the process is fiddly and time-consuming. 



Apply to: Glass, wood, acrylic/perspex, ceramic, corflute, metal, chalkboard, whiteboard, laminate, acrylic nails, painted surfaces. Pallets and crates will work if the area is given a light sanding prior to application. Smooth surfaces are best. 

Our permanent adhesive vinyls have up to 5 years outdoor life. 

Care Instructions 
Hand wash with warm soapy water. 

Included with order
- Full detailed application instructions
- Alcohol wipe for surface preparation 

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