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5 Wedding or Engagement Wishing Well Ideas

5 Wedding or Engagement Wishing Well Ideas

  • 07 August, 2019
  • Rebecca McQueen

We have come up with five simply beautiful wishing well ideas for your wedding or engagement party! We'll keep it short and sweet, because we know you, like us, are super busy preparing for your celebration!

1. Glass Box 

The glass box wishing well is understated, classic and simple. We love this photo sent in to us by one of our beautiful brides. 

Glass box wishing well vinyl decal


2. Wooden Box 

Wooden boxes are perfect for boho chic weddings. Add a rose gold decal for the finishing touch, just like one of our lovely brides used in hers below.


3. Letter Box

This is a fun idea! You could even keep and use the letter box for your future family home. This one was shared with us by one of our brides:

letter box wishing well cards box


4. Vintage Suitcase

A vintage suitcase was used in this gorgeous styling by one of our brides. You could place a box on top of the suitcase, as shown here, or use the suitcase as the box. An acrylic sign next to the suitcase could be used to let everyone know that it's not only pretty, it's also the place where they can safely place your gift. 

vintage suitcase wishing well


5. IKEA Socker Greenhouse

The IKEA Socker greenhouse wishing well is another favourite of ours. It's simple white lines and large panels make it perfect for personalising, and it can suit many different wedding themes. Find it in the garden section at IKEA.



Whichever wishing well you choose for your wedding or celebration, you can add your own personalised touch and really make it coordinate with your wedding theme with DIY vinyl decals. We have so many font options and a wide range of colours so that you can really make it your own style! 

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